Enthusiasm Collective

Enthusiasm Collective is a new creative co-working space on the corner of NW 4th and Flanders in Portland, OR. We provide a safe, inclusive shared workspace and social net for a diverse cohort of folks working in and around various creative and social fields, whether professionally or avocationally, full time or on the side. We aim to foster and promote a strong creative community, both within the Enthusiasm Collective's membership and in the greater community of our neighborhood and city.

EC's mission and membership is interdisciplinary by design; our current group members includes animators, designers, film-makers, writers, game developers, comics artists, editors, artist resource providers, and more.

EC makes a high priority of pursuing diversity and inclusiveness in our membership; we whole-heartedly welcome members of any racial, sexual, and gender identity, and do not tolerate ageism, ableism, or bigotry of any kind.